Jan 252011

Title: Conversations with a Professional
Date: Tuesday, February 1st @ 4:00PM EST
Place: Online Webinar
Registration: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/238136547

MarketDelta and Discovery Trading Group are pleased to announce an exciting new series of webinars entitled Conversations with a Professional. Each month a new retail trader will bring questions related to a specific area of difficulty facing typical retail traders. RG from Discovery Trading Group will give insights from his own experiences trading significant size as a principle of both a proprietary trading firm and an algorithmic strategy development firm. The content is intended to be reasonably spontaneous but will focus on the biggest hurdles retail traders must overcome in order to become profitable. Topics will include:

  • Mechanization. When to use it and when not to use it.
  • Risk and trade management used as an actual strategy, not an afterthought to an existing strategy.
  • Do entries really matter and if so, in what context?
  • The retail obsession with winning and why winning every trade is NOT the goal of most professional strategies.
  • The trap of using “immediate” information to predict outcomes beyond the next several ticks.
  • And many more…
Discovery Trading Group is focused on sharing their short term intraday process and trading in the ES for proprietary accounts using only price discovery and order flow analysis, without any indicators other than volume and price.

** There will be additional webinars scheduled in the near future. Visit the MarketDelta blog or subscribe to it to be notified of the early registration links.

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