MrTopStep IMPro & MiM


The DTG founders and several members also often participate in the MrTopStep IMPro live trading room. The connection to DTG is that hosts our chat room under the same interface as the IMPro room. They are entirely independent entities. IMPro is a room of professional stock and futures day-traders who share market information, trading knowledge and live trades through most of the US trading session (although the room is open 24/7). How is IMPro different than the DTG chat-room? The DTG room is NOT a “live” call the action/call trades room. It’s simply an adjunct to the member forums which provides for discussion of current market context and NOT for those seeking to follow “live” trades. The IMPro trade room on the other hand is a very active room driven by several professional traders. IMPro includes live streaming charts, news squawk, live floor audio, live commentary from professional traders, and includes the MrTopStep Market Imbalance Meter (MiM).  The MiM is a proprietary market sentiment indicator created by aggregating open buy and sell orders from several market making desks on the floor of the NYSE.  It often has a high correlation with how the US index markets are going to move into the cash close.  The MiM indicator is also available separately from IMPro.


MrTopStep IMPro Trade-Room
$350 / 30 days

The MrTopStep IMPro is a 24/7 trade-room where professionals (often including DTG founders & members) exchange live trading ideas. It includes live charts, live squawk news, live floor noise, the MrTopStep MiM (Market Imbalance Meter), morning orientation posts, and audio broadcasts from the professional traders.



MrTopStep MiM
Market-Imbalance Meter
$99 / 30 days

The MrTopStep MIM (Market-Imbalance Meter) is a market sentiment indicator for trading the US session close. Buy and sell orders are obtained directly from NYSE floor desks and aggregated to determine the probability of baskets of stocks being net purchased or net sold into the close. (note: do not subscribe if subscribed to IMPro; the MIM is included with IMPro).




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