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The Discovery Trading Group (DTG) is a safe place for traders to develop their methodologies, journal their trades, get professional feedback, learn from other traders and ultimately develop a professional mindset while improving trading performance.

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The Discovery Trading Group (DTG) is not a follow-the-guru trade calling service.  DTG is not a chat-room focused service.  DTG is not a step-by-step course or instruction manual for trading success.  It IS a private member forum founded in 2010 for traders to focus on developing an edge and improving their skills.  DTG information, videos, discussions and knowledge are focused around various trading frameworks built on the edges inherent in use of market structure, price action, order flow and risk management.  Member traders work to improve their trading through interacting, sharing knowledge and working on personal trading issues under the guidance of experienced and professional traders.

Ultimately for you to be a successful trader, you have to do much more than read books, watch videos, or take courses. You have to develop your own trading methodologies and experience through purposed-based analyzing, actual trading, and constantly adjusting for improvement and profitability.  Trading can be frustrating, agonizing, maddening and a lonely endeavor.  DTG is a great environment for interacting with understanding people while receiving virtual mentorship.  We provide the raw materials for successful trading, but it’s up to you to develop the methodologies that you understand, that you know work and that fit your personality well enough that you can trade profitably.  If you’re ready to do the work, take the next step in your trading journey and join today.

To ensure only those traders truly serious about working hard and contributing to the community occupy the limited membership slots, we charge a nominal monthly fee which serves as  the “skin in the game” for that purpose. Membership is a subscription which is automatically charged every 30 days.  DTG uses PayPal to handle all financial information including automatic subscription billing every 30 days.  We do not have access to any credit card, debit card, bank account, or other personal financial information.  You can cancel your membership at any time by logging into your PayPal account and cancelling the subscription.  After your cancellation, you will continue to have access to your membership services until your next 30 day billing cycle begins.  Use of the DTG Blog and membership services are subject to DTG’s terms and conditions and privacy policy


DTG Platinum Membership
$149 / 30 days

DTG Platinum Membership includes the daily plan sheets, daily educational examples, a member-only forum, individual and group mentoring, member only videos, auto chart levels and the member only chat-room for discussions and real-time Q&A.



If you’re looking for a real-time trader chat room, the DTG founders recommend the MrTopStep IMPro live trading room which is a service of MrTopStep. For more information, click here.

DTG Testimonials

If it were not for you guys making available the DTG and model and patiently keep turning me in the right direction I had a snowball’s hope in hell to pass a combine. Prior to subscribing, I did not have an edge in which I believed enough to stick to, and also no-one to bounce thoughts off of.

I passed a combine for the first time. The combine starts with a a $150k sim account and is a pass when $9k profits are achieved.  There were 18 trading days with 4 losing days. The two big losing days I lost my mind and traded like an idiot. Sticking to the DTG levels ALWAYS comes out on top, given a large enough sample size. That is where my future in trading lies, for sure.


About DTG:  I’ve been trading for many years,  pretty consistently losing, always searching for the information I was missing that would transform me into a consistently profitable trader and let me enjoy the fruits of profitable trading.  In that quest, I spent way too much money, time and effort chasing down rabbit holes offered by vendors, books and courses as the key to the door – the promised land of consistently profitability..  I now see that these vendors were offering – at best – a painted on door on a brick wall – no amount of pounding would ever open the door.  Then I listened to the free DTG/MD seminar – and liked what I heard – they seemed like straight talkers – but I had been fooled before – many times, in fact.  Nonetheless, I took a $99 chance and subscribed for one month.  Turns out, DTG offers insight and information which points to the real door – 180 degrees  from the painted on door that the “vendors” offered.  This at least allows for the possibility, not promise, but possibility of profitable trading.  Now, if this were me reading, I would say – aren’t they just vendors, too?  Here’s is my take – these guys are traders making their money from trading and, for whatever reason (I’ll let them speak to their motivations ( maybe they feel guilty about all the money they have taken from me and others like me over the years LOL) ) are offering information that can’t be bought.  In trading, more than anything else I can think of, those that can do, and those that can’t – TEACH.  And vendors constantly have to offer courses, upsells, additional services, software, etc to continue to make money.  Since I’ve been a member, have not seen any attempt to get additional fees, etc.

Their forum has the feel of an elite dojo, where a small group are totally committed to the same outcome and willing and able to help each other as well.  And, corny as it sounds, I feel lucky to be a member.

If you do decide to go ahead, try it for one month, but make sure you are willing to put in the work of reading the past message boards, because that is where the gold is buried (in open sight) – there is no course or tutorial – just real time commentary by guys that are walking the path we all – I assume – want to walk. You will learn what real traders know – and, dare I say, even more importantly, stop the never ending search for some phantom bit of information that truly does not exist.   This information, if absorbed and practiced, can take away the stress and agony over every trade and instead lean into the support provided the laws of probability.  Crude and imperfect analogy – be the house instead of the sucker – and reserve your trading to times when you are likely – likely, not guaranteed – to win and trust the math. (force LOL)  That is what Vegas does, that is what insurance companies do , and, as I recently discovered  – at the DNA level, that is what successful day traders do.  When this informs your trading, it truly changes your perspective, shifting your focus onto what you can control, and possibility, your results.

Feel it necessary to say – that I’m not affiliated with DTG group in any way, that other than feeling like I know them via the forum, I don’t  – and haven’t received compensation for this.


I am learning a ton about how professional traders look at the market.  They tell it like it is….I like to call it the ‘no BS channel….no BS all the time’.  Their focus is ES and Treasuries, for both scalping and longer intraday swing trades.  I am confident that staying the course WILL turn my trading around, and I will be profitable for the first time!


I’ve been a member since 03/12. I can attest that they live up to what they say in the site introduction and accompanying info. I am semi-retired, I have been self employed most of my working life, saved up a retirement account from which I need to derive an income (its a business). For a portion of my account I wish to day trade. I started investigating day trading and was lucky to not get caught up in too much ‘pie in the sky’ stuff. If it was easy and just a matter of buying this or that indicator then there would be a whole lot more rich day traders around instead of a 95% failure rate. I wanted to get to the core of the issue, what is important, what is not, how do you put it together. I believe I have found many of those answers here. Everybody is different, everybody needs to find their own style. I think here you can find some solid building blocks.

Another point is that I live in rural Canada, just can’t go down to the local coffee shop or watering hole and discuss the intricacies of the ES vs the 10yr note. Being a part of a small community of serious traders through the member forum has significantly reduced my learning curve. The daily live chat room is great for info exchange and observing how other people see the action. Somebody, somewhere said [i]’Its not a sprint, its a marathon'[/i]. Things change, the learning doesn’t stop. If you are serious and don’t mind the work, maybe this is the place for you.


I have never believed in the “holy grail” in trading of never be wrong since I work in the finance industry and I have seen plenty of “forecasters” being wrong many many times. DTG confirmed that by showing me it’s the simple and macro market concepts along with risk managment is what makes money in trading. It’s probably hard for people believe that the professionals don’t have some special method but but I now believe that’s what it is through my own and other members’ trading results. DTG tells it like it is and shows that anyone with enough time and effort can achieve the same results as the professionals.


What I like about DTG is they are not teaching – they facilitate learning. DTG’s approach to the market is very simple; it is a systematic approach without “a system.” What I mean by this is that they are very specific about each component of trading: analysis, trade & risk management; but, when you put it all together it is you yourself learning and making decisions.

What I learned from DTG is to make a very simple approach to trading methods, hard work, consistency in decision-making process.

DTG is providing the greatest trading service for the trading community in the world. They are honest about sharing their methods and are open.

Thank you very much,


I’m not doing anything special.  All the things that I’ve stated are the things that I’ve learned here at DTG through NJ, RG, and the other members on the board. I got hammered and run over when I first started here but just kept implementing the concepts that I kept picking up. It all starts coming together after you hang here awhile and learn on a daily basis. I was a technical trader who left all that crap behind.  I probably speak for everyone here when I say that it’s DTG’s concepts, patience, and focused responses that make the difference to each and all of us.  I don’t think that there’s a day that goes by that I don’t learn something from either RG or NJ.”

Ronnie R.

Having been a member of the CBOT for ten years as well as an off the floor trader I approach any trading service or community with a great degree of hesitation.  When I stumbled upon DTG my first thought was that was going to be another service that sold “magic” numbers based on some esoteric calculations, or a revival of some 1980’s trading strategy.  I signed up for the Market Delta seminars and found them very useful, so I decided to sign up for the service.  It only took a few days before I realized what DTG was really about.  Sure they provide support and resistance levels, but in my opinion the real value comes from the discussions on money management.  It is here that the real “secret” to successful trading is found.  All questions are answered in a straightforward manner, and trade examples as well as different money management strategies are discussed in great detail.

I have personally found the member forums an invaluable component of the DTG service.  It is here that I can communicate with other traders as well as the DTG founders. It is great to see new traders get started on the right foot, and the more experienced ones take their trading to a new level.  Selfishly, by posting my trades it forces me to be more accountable for my trading decisions.

I would recommend DTG to any SP day trader interested in working hard to improve their performance. If you have the desire to succeed, DTG will show you the way.

Phil T


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