Apr 282010

As we said pre-market is was more than a little tricky today. You kind of had to watch the sectors in the cash market leading things around a bit. The key scalps to the long side were taken out pre-market so we had to wait for the test of the 84/83 low volume areas from overnight. NJ found his spot perfectly on a volume shift real close to the 83.75 long on the sheet. He filled at 84 and came out at 85. I scalped the same push down, but a little ahead of it at the first low volume notch at 84.75/50. I then waited to see if the 82 short came into play but I just didn’t like it and felt that the early morning swing low would hold at 81.25. It was volatile and I was too busy scalping to get a good entry long. I did finally buy 83 with intent to trade back into the VPOC at 86, but came out early as I though we might bounce off the VWAP which we did. Too bad as after the pullback it went right to 86 easily. Like I said, I always come out early – a scalper at heart always and forever. lol…

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