Aug 112010

This morning was a little difficult to pick a good trading opportunity.  The ES fell hard into our 94 / 95.50 area shortly after the market open.  The volatility was very high with a 15 tick pullback and a second push which fell 3 ticks short of the previous low.  The up rotation and second push bar formed in about 2 minutes time.  Whenever the market is a falling knife like this morning, we like to wait for the volatility to die down a little before considering any trading opportunities.  On the 3rd rotation down, the ES double bottomed at 94.50 which was a tradable bar, but the market volatility was still high, so discretion would decide whether or not to take that opportunity.  After a few more rotations, the ES tested 94.50 and broke through a tick past the level range bottom, trapping sellers below the double bottom.  This was an opportunity I was waiting for.  The ES had about half an hour to settle down and there was now enough room to trade at least back to the top of the rotation range (e.g. around 97).

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  1. very well written summary of that action. funny thing, the way my 6tick chart formed, that 306 contracts on the double bottom at 9:46 started a new bar, this enabled me to clearly see some buying (blue delta bars) as we started to turn. took the trade and hit my targets. had it shown me the way your chart did, i probably woulda passed on the trade as the buying is masked by the selling. just a lucky break, in a way, but points to the fact that no 2 traders will see the same thing or trade the same way even when looking at the same market and chart….haha

    • Exactly, every data feed will create slightly different charts giving slightly different reads on what the market is doing.

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