Feb 142018

The ES continues to slowly climb in front to this morning’s 8:30am EST CPI and Retail Sales numbers.  There could be a strong reaction as analysts speculate what the numbers mean for future interest rates, or this could be another non-event set of numbers.  The economic calendar also includes Oil Inventories @ 10:30am EST.  In corporate news, Chipotle is up over 10% as Taco Bell’s CEO Brian Niccoi agrees to become Chipotle’s CEO, replacing founder Steve Ells after a board shake up forced by activist investor Bill Ackman.   Credit Suisse posted their 3rd straight annual loss, $1.05B for the year.  Corporate earnings today include CSCO, MAR, GRPN, DPS, AMAT, and MRO.  Volatility continues to slow, but still remains high.  Size bias is long into the 8:30am EST numbers.


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