Sep 122019

Today is ES rollover day, the ES December 2019 contract is now the front month.  The ES September 2019 will continue to trade the most volume through sometime tomorrow morning.  A worksheet for each contract is provided today.

After China said they would exempt some US goods from tariffs, Trump tweeted late yesterday that the US would delay tariffs on some China-made goods as a gesture of good will as both sides prepare for the next rounds of trade talks which are pushed to October.

The ECB is expected to announce @ 7:45am ET and explain at a 8:30am ET press conference a major stimulus package with possibly deeper negative interest rates and a restart of quantitative easing.

Privately held Purdue Pharma and maker of OcyContin has reached a tentative settlement with 27 states for $10B to $12B.  The Sackler family will give up control, declare bankruptcy, and turn Purdue Pharma into a for-profit trust.  The proceeds will go to the plaintiffs.  An additional 16 state attorney generals have not agreed to the tentative settlement.

Oracle (ORCL) is up premarket after the database company missed expectations and co-CEO Mark Hurd announced a medical leave of absence.  Executive CEO Larry Ellison will step up to fill the void during Hurd’s absence.  Earnings include AVGO, KR, and DLTH.

The economic calendar focus is the PPI numbers and Unemployment Claims @ 8:30am ET.  Volatility continues to settle in around the 30 point ES 5-day ATR.  The ECB announcement could move the markets this morning.  Size bias is long into the ECB announcement.


ES Sep 2019 contract


ES Dec 2019 contract

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