01/25/2018 Martin Luther King Day

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Jan 152018

US Stock markets are closed today for the Martin Luther King Federal holiday.  DTG will resume posting tomorrow.  Do something, enjoy the day away from the markets!

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12/22/2017 ES Trade Plan Worksheet

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Dec 222017

The ES is up slightly overnight as trading volume continues to dry up into the long Christmas weekend and as many traders take the rest of the year off.  Congress narrowly avoided a government shut down by passing yet another temporary spending bill.  Bitcoin’s wild ride continues as the cyprotocurrency has dropped nearly 40% this week, from a high near $20,000 to a low of $12,560.  The new CBOE and CME bitcoin instruments have finally provided traders a way to short…  The economic calendar focus is Durable Goods @ 8:30am EST and New Home Sales and UoM Consumer Sentiment @ 10:00 am EST.  It’s possible price whippiness could continue today; it’s expected that price movement will start dying down as the day wears on.  Size bias is short into the Durable Goods numbers; however volume was so light overnight that the Size bias should not be given much weight…


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09/25/2017 ES Trade Plan Worksheet

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Sep 252017

Overnight ES action was mixed as Chancellor Angela Merkel polled a narrower margin of victory in the German elections and the far-right Social Democrats gained ground putting the German government into limbo until Christmas.  In Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called a snap national election to dissolve the country’s parliament later this week as he seeks support for a new government to restart the Japan’s failing economy.  There’s no US economic data scheduled for today, however there’s Fed speakers in Dudley @ 8:30am EST and Evans @ 12:40pm EST.  Also, ECB’s Draghi is testifying starting @ 9:00am EST.  Volatility continues to remain constrained to the upside and if Friday’s lows are cleared, then maybe we’ll see some downside expansion today.  The bulls often take advantage of no data Mondays, but volatility to the upside will most like remain constrained.  Size bias is short into the US session open.


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09/20/2017 ES Trade Plan Worksheet

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Sep 202017

It’s a Fed day, the day the US stock markets have been waiting for all week.  The Fed is expected to leave rates alone and start the unwinding of their $4.5 trillion balance sheet.  The announcement could send stocks in either direction although the last few Fed announcements have had little impact on the markets as the Fed has been doing a better job of telescoping their policy changes since starting to raise rates.  Trump continues to beat his “America first” drum, this time to the UN General Assembly where he also said the US would destroy North Korea if the US was forced to act.  For today’s economic data, we have Existing Home Sales @ 8:30am EST and Oil @ 10:30am EST.  Volatility is getting very tight at 8.5 points ATR over the last 5 days.  Sooner or later we’ll get a range expansion day and a Fed day has a better chance than most.  Size bias is short into the Home Sales report.


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02/17/2017 ES Trade Plan Worksheet

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Feb 172017

Globex trading turned bearish during the European session on no significant new fundamental information as we head into a 3-day US stock market weekend (Monday is US Presidents Day).  There is no scheduled US economic data for this morning.  The ES is technically overdue for a bearish pullback, but the bears probably won’t get much going unless they can clear the 2331 area.  Volatility should remain similar to yesterday unless the bears get some momentum going.  Volatility may dry up this afternoon as traders start closing shop for the long weekend.  Size bias is short into the US session open.


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10/20/2016 ES Trade Plan Worksheet

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Oct 202016

This morning is about the ECB’s 7:45am EST Minimum Bid Rate announcement and subsequent 8:30am EST ECB President Draghi’s press conference.  Expectations are for the ECB to make no changes; subtle differences from the expectations could move this morning’s markets.  The press conference will most likely overshadow this morning’s 8:30am EST Philly Fed and Unemployment Claims numbers and a slew of corporate earnings reports.  Volatility continues to shrink as traders wait on something that will change their expectations.  No clear Size bias this morning as institutional trading was almost non-existent overnight.



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