Membership FAQ


Billing Questions

Do you accept any payments other than through PayPal?

Unfortunately no. We have investigated other methods of payment, but none compared to the service PayPal provides. The DTG partners don’t want anything to do with credit card, debit cards, invoicing and handling of private information so they decided to use PayPal for handling all the financial aspects of the DTG subscription. The membership software we use is integrated with PayPal and automates the entire subscription process. We are traders and are publishing our trading plan and trading information to help a limited number of other traders, not to run an internet business catering to the masses.

Can you explain how the monthly billing works?

PayPal has a subscription service where PayPal will charge a PayPal customer a fixed amount every 30 days. DTG uses the PayPal subscription service for monthly (or more technically correct; every 30 days) billing. Once you subscribe to the DTG premium membership subscription through PayPal, then the DTG subscription is part of your PayPal account. Every 30 days, PayPal will bill your account for the DTG subscription fee until you cancel your DTG subscription by logging into your PayPal account and canceling the subscription.

How do I cancel my DTG subscription?

The DTG subscription billing is controlled by PayPal. Log into your PayPal account and cancel the subscription which is listed as subscription payments to NCTC, Inc. Once the term of your last 30 day payment expires, then you will no longer have access to DTG premium membership information.


DTG Blog Questions

Why do I not see today’s Pre-Market Commentary?

The Pre-Market Commentary and Post Trading Analysis are made available for public viewing after cash market hours (i.e. 4:30pm EST). We offer a premium membership subscription if would like to read the posts when they are posted. To read the posts, you must be logged into the blog as a premium member with an active subscription.

I cannot read the charts and graphics.

The Pre-Market Commentary and charts are displayed as thumbnail pictures on the blog. To view them in full size, click on them. The images are stored as industry standard PNG files. If your browser cannot display the large PNG files, then right click on the charts and select “Save image as…” to save the image file to your hard disk. Then find the saved file and open it by double clicking on it.

How can I change my DTG blog username or password?

Your username cannot be changed. It must match your PayPal email address so that our membership software can communicate with PayPal. You can however change your password to anything you like on the Member Profile page.

Why did I receive an email about my DTG account being locked?

The email you received is automatically generated by the membership software we are using. It monitors IP addresses and sends the email when it sees more than 3 different logins from different locations for the same user. Please respond to the email letting us know if you had a special circumstance and we’ll unlock the account. This feature of our membership software protects us, you, and all the DTG premium members from misuse of the subscription service.

Where is the live chat room?

The DTG member chat room can be accessed through the Member Resources area.


DTG Forum Questions

How do I log into the DTG Premium Membership Forum?

The DTG Forum is a separate software system that uses its own database of usernames and passwords. Unlike the DTG blog which requires your username to be your PayPal email address, you may register for the DTG forum with any username or nickname. Instructions for forum registration and forum access can be found by clicking the Member Resources link in the Premium Content box on the right hand side of the DTG blog.

How can I change my DTG Forum username or password?

Log into the DTG Forum. On the main toolbar, find and click on the Profile button. On the left hand side in the “Modify Profile” area, click on “Account Related Settings”. To change your username, click on “change” under the “Username” label. To change your password, scroll down to the “Choose Password” section and enter your new password twice.

It’s been several days since I’ve registered for the forum, why have I not been accepted?

DTG forum acceptance and rejection usually happens within a few hours or first thing in the morning (we are located in the US Eastern time zone). If you have not received a response within a day, that probably means the response did not reach you and more than likely was filtered by your (or your ISP) anti-spam filter or the email is in your junk mail box. The acceptance process is manual. We verify that you are a DTG premium member by cross referencing your email address in the membership software database.

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