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Discovery Trading Group is not the name of a specific company but rather a website name used only for the blog and forum. We are a community of professional traders and the founders also happen to be principals of a quant research company which designs algorithmic trading and risk modeling tools suited to larger, multi-strategy portfolios. It should also be noted that the site owner is NOT a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), nor does he or any other contributing member hold themselves out as such here or elsewhere. We are not representing or attempting to connect any of our outside endeavors to this site for the purpose of marketing or solicitation of in any way, nor would we ever accept funds for management from this source under any circumstance, just so there can never be any confusion about it our motivations for doing this. Nothing contained in this blog should be construed as an offer or advice to buy or sell commodity futures contracts, nor are we providing trading signals or specific entry/exit instruction of any kind here. We urge all visitors to thoroughly read and understand the disclaimer on the main blog page.

We have decided to remain anonymous for several reasons: First, we simply don’t want the attention this site might garner and the phone calls and emails and personal visits spilling over to our other businesses, trading related or otherwise. We don’t seek fame from anyone who finds this information useful bragging about us all over the internet, nor do we want anyone who doesn’t like what we do cutting us up publicly either. It isn’t supposed to be a big part of our life but rather an enhancement of one piece of it. By remaining anonymous, we can be sure that “who we are” (or better yet, who we aren’t – as in nobody, like the rest of you) in the trading world won’t ever be the driving force of the blog. We can just be thought of as others who are passionate about markets seeking interaction with other like minded individuals – just like you. Second, we don’t want to cross into any gray areas that could either be construed as giving specific investment advice or otherwise using the blog as a vehicle for solicitation of managed funds. Moreover, all of our trading oriented business is either through private investment partnerships and/or exempt commodity pools and/or proprietary money and/or quantitative research/algo development related. In addition, at this time 100% of our quant related work is aimed at the institutional space only, not retail. The bottom line here is we want to make it clear that we have no covert designs for using this blog as a vehicle for raising capital or feeding any of our other business in any way. Finally, and probably most importantly, we don’t want anyone to accept or reject the information or ideas presented here solely on the merits of who we are (or aren’t), how big (or small) we are perceived to be, or who we are affiliated with. Many inexperienced traders might mistakenly think that someone in our position might possess some kind of “super-duper” insider secrets that are they keys to trading nirvana. No such secrets exist. I suspect most of you will find our discretionary intraday trading concepts to be as simplistic as you have ever seen. The “secret” is nothing more than understanding the most basic nature of a market, who the participants are, what they are doing and where they are doing it, and how to apply a mathematically advantaged risk model in a context which includes having REASONABLE expectations of results.

The whole point of this blog as you will see can be summed up in one phrase – SELF SUFFICIENCY. As an aspiring trader you should never accept or reject ideas based on who is giving you them. If you haven’t already, make this the last day ever that you seek the advice of a guru to shortcut your learning process and start thinking like a professional trader. THERE ARE NO GURUS and there are no shortcuts. Whether here or elsewhere, always evaluate information at face value, fairly test its merits not on its own, but rather how it fits with the way you trade and/or helps you understand your own trading better. If you are willing to change your thinking a bit and are open to something a bit different than what is typically marketed to retail traders, you may find this blog to be a breath of fresh air and we invite you take all that is here as your own. We are not trying to say what we do is the only game in town. As you will come to realize nearly any methodology can potentially traded profitably provided the risk and bankroll are managed correctly. Of course that’s the tricky part and we make no bones about that fact.

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