Why are you doing this?


I suppose you could say this is a project of sorts and it came about totally by accident. As previously mentioned in the introduction, we learned that the simple act of sharing our trading journals within our organization both before and after each trading session has helped us see our own process, its strengths, weaknesses, mistakes, etc. far more clearly. The idea was that if it works internally, the detail that would be required to explain it to third parties who don’t know the ins and outs of our trading and style will potentially be even more rewarding and valuable to us. So far that seems to be the case. We are also nearly certain that traders of all skill levels will find some way to learn from the information we share as we learn ourselves from forcing ourselves to encapsulate it. We sincerely hope that through our process we can help at least a few of the retail readers “click” with what professional trading is really all about and cross over into a new level of skill in trading the markets. Since our intraday trading isn’t based on some secret quant or pattern nonsense but rather on a methodical surrender to the auction process, there is absolutely no threat in sharing our views.

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