How should I NOT to use the information?


This is sort of an extension of what you “should do” with the info, but again, you must resist the temptation to obsess on details. We aren’t trying to shroud what we do in mystery at all, nor are we keeping it from you because we don’t want to share the “best” and most secret magic bullet we found that nobody else knows. It doesn’t exist, trust me. Don’t allow yourself to become obsessed with every little detail of what any other trader does as it will only serve to disrupt your own process with specifics that don’t matter. Too many people try to encapsulate what others do into another be all end-all “system”. A methodology will only be successful if it moves beyond being solely focused on identifying the the best entry point. That said, you should try to digest the general feel of what we are looking at and why and how best to incorporate such a process into your own trading with an appropriately mathematically advantaged risk model. It is our goal to use sharing with you as a way to better understand our own efforts and get new ideas – so don’t let us down by never getting off the ground because you refuse not to get bogged down with details. Leave that thinking behind. Through your observation of our members processes the collective will be inadvertently teaching you how to think like a professional, and that thinking alone is where your profits will flow from. We will try to answer questions along the way and post them for all to see. In time it will all make sense.

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