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The members area has grown over the years to include more than 30,000 posts in the forum across more than a dozen categories. Included are well over 2000 daily educational examples with detailed annotations archived by date, each with accompanying daily plan sheets and chat transcripts spanning a wide range of market conditions for over TEN years! The image below shows the organizational structure for the premium content which has grown to include personal journal space for each member where they share the details of their own methodology variants in various markets, journal their trades and experiences and receive ongoing feedback from the founders and other members, a MASSIVE library of member only webinars & live events spanning a vast array of topics, and a private chat room moderated by the founders with archived daily transcripts of the sessions including hyperlinked image files. Please note that the live chat is proudly NOT a “call trades room”. It’s simply a real time adjunct to the forum which provides for text and audio discussions between members related to their ongoing model development efforts.



-Have you focused almost entirely on your entry criteria jumping from process to process with limited to no success?

-Do you need help developing a risk model which is adaptive to ongoing market changes and adds edge on its own to your process?

-Are your expectations reasonable? What sort of overall results and variance should you expect with various risk overlays & capital use efficiencies for your strategies?


To find out more about how to become part of a unique community designed for aspiring traders seeking truth and wanting to develop their OWN process, rather than following yet another supposed “guru”, click here for information about our limited membership options:


For everyone else, please feel free to stop by every day after the close to review our daily free materials. Also be sure to check out the daily worksheet tutorial and frequently asked questions for more information about us and how the community evolved.

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