Why don’t you post before 9:30 EST?


This is kind of a sticky subject for us because we don’t want to be misunderstood or for anyone to question our motivations. But we have to address it so that you can see the quandary our process creates with regard to time of posting the pre-market information that we use to trade the first hour. In all of our discussions with colleagues and associates prior to launching DTG, it has been unanimous that posting our view of the pre-market commentary and our educational example content each day is a potentially powerful learning tool and companion for any trader – regardless of when we post in the day. However, nearly everyone jokingly added something like, “That is nice of you to do that, but what are you going to do when everyone starts asking you to give much much more than that?”

The short answer is we aren’t sure what to do as of yet, but one thing is certain: If we do make it available pre-market it won’t be free and it will be highly limited. We will have to figure out a way to control it. Maybe we can’t at all, I don’t know. The purpose of whatever we decide to do certainly won’t ever be to turn this blog into a revenue stream for us. But you have to agree that giving a mountain of our time and knowledge away at the expense of our other pursuits isn’t fair to us either, nor does it further the learning process if it becomes something that is just sucked up with disregard and strewn all over the net. But if we really felt that it was being used genuinely as a way to improve the trading of a sincere audience we would gladly give everything we can freely. In any case, we are not going to commit to anything at this point other than to ask for your input and play it by ear. Let us know what you would prefer, but wait until after you have digested the information at least for a few days to get in the groove with the process and have a chance to ask a few questions.

UPDATE: The response has been overwhelming and the number of requests for pre-market trading plans, detail about the methodology specifics and requests for ongoing mentorship have been far more than ever expected. As we said before, it is a law of the universe that there be limits to what anyone should expect for nothing from his fellow man. I doubt anyone could argue with the fact that we have gone out of our way to provide useful information with which to easily study at the end of the day and better your trading and the archive of data is quickly growing. In sum, we are happy to give but it needs to have limits. Keep in mind the value for you and the potential danger for us has nothing to do with the amount or specifics of the information we share. It’s simply a question of time management for us and being physically able to manage the sheer volume of interactions. We have decided to deal with this by creating a premium membership program which severely limits the number of traders at any one time we can interact with. We also ask for you to be honorable about this. We are really going out of our way to make this a unique and valuable resource for ALL of us. This new program doesn’t change what has always been available on the main blog for all to use freely – namely our daily trade plan sheets, level recaps and example content posted after the cash close. But from now on our interaction with non members will be limited to directing them to any materials already posted to the main blog. Hopefully you all can understand we only wish to help provide a useful community environment for serious traders and not a commercial enterprise.

For information on member specific content and how to enroll in the premium membership program, go here.

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