May 132010

Pretty straightforward today with triggers for the various setups we like to see in our accounts well distributed for good coverage. One trade a day with each setup is a solid foundation as not only do you have the power of the single trade risk model for each individually, there is natural non-correlative benefit from the different entries and trader feel making it very unlikely to have more than one setup being unsuccessful on any given day. Combined expectation enhancement is a wonderful thing. Of course today they all would have worked out for most of you if you were respecting our levels and watching order flow carefully. A clean Mousetrap setup on the push into the OL, then a scalp into the first push up into the YH/YC level, followed by a Littleprint setup on the retest failure and an almost simulataneous Biglot entry on the continuation of that. Nice day to trade the DTG way. Sounds like a slogan to me? I keep talking like that we will have to start running ads on CNBC. lol. BTWS, volume is a bit light so watch out you don’t get run over if any of you trade through lunch. I don’t advise that ever but I’m sure there are some who do so make sure you mind the volume. Certain…ahem…traders that push a little size around might take advantage of you and run your stops. Seriously though, the OH is still going to be hotly contested and on the short side you might want to wait until a test of the 60/61 area to do anything. The OL and everything under there until 60/61 is useless now in my view so just be patient and wait till you get to the bottom or the OH later. Be careful and good trading…

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