Aug 202010

In a continuing effort to make the educational value as high as possible for premium members, we are making a few minor changes to the information and format of presentation here in the main blog area. First, the Pre-Market Commentary section will no longer have the written macro/fundamental commentary attached and will be renamed Daily Worksheet. This content is not connected to the methods our team uses to trade intraday and is both potentially confusing and time consuming.  Second, the 30M chart with volume profile overlay will no longer be posted. This is just a time saver as most members and non-members can set personal software to display the same. Finally, the Post Trading Analysis section will be renamed Example Trade, and will only include a sample trade entry, exit, and initial stop.

What has been happening is some traders who have seen the MarketDelta webinars have incorrectly assumed that our trading is based on some rigid mechanical setups which were only presented there as simple ways to read the flow in the market. These items are NOT the foundation of our trading and are only minor tools we use sometimes to help manage and filter trades. By removing references to this “icing on the cake” we hope that a better understanding of what our trading is really about will ensue.

We are probability based traders who simply bet that the market is more likely to rotate and produce enough noise around key levels to produce positive outcomes. The real success is based on keeping that broad based and simple, not using filters and indicators to time entries, and focusing on risk and trade management to essentially mathematically manipulate these probability based edges into limiting losses and maximizing profits with both marginal and high win rates depending on what the market is giving up at the moment. Don’t let anyone tell you any differently. This is what virtually every successful institutional level trader is doing to some degree. The specifics of entry are essentially unimportant. Trade and risk management are what turn virtually any entry scheme, including random ones (believe it or not) into profitable methods. As always, non-members are encouraged to come back daily after the close and study both our levels for the day and example trade to see how they might have fit into what you were doing or otherwise confirmed something you have been hypothesizing.

We are professional traders and have come to the realization that we just do not have the bandwidth to be answering trading questions from the general public both on the blog and from the numerous emails we receive.  From this point forward, all our trading discussions will be in the DTG member forum only.  We’ve already shared a tremendous amount of information there that goes far beyond what was presented in the MD webinars and this blog.  In short, the members forum is really backbone of this blog. Premium membership is limited and is almost always close to full, but from time to time as would be expected slots do become available. Shoot us an email to check on availability if there is an interest in taking one of the slots.

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