Apr 102013

The Fed minutes were to be released today at 2pm EDT which lately has provided volatility to the markets as analysts interpret the tone of the carefully crafted document.  However it was accidentally released to Congress and trade organizations yesterday at 2pm EDT.  Because of the mistake, the minutes were released pre-market publicly at 9am EST and word of the release trickled through the markets as rumors and facts during the morning.  Like yesterday, the Globex session had perched the ES under it’s all-time highs waiting for the US session bulls to take it higher.  Well the bulls used their chance this morning.

As posted in chat, my plan for a break above the 1569 highs and R1 pivot was to trade a pullback into the 69 area.  Price played out just as I wanted and I explain how the opportunities unfolded in the annotated chart below.  The ES moved above all the DTG posted levels, thus I don’t have a DTG example trade for today.

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