Sep 202013



We’ve changed how we provide the DTG levels on our morning worksheet.  As the worksheet has evolved over the years, RG began using the comments to indicate the long and short trade areas within the DTG levels.  Now rather than commenting on them, we’re formalizing them as price zones within the larger DTG level that should provide support for longs and resistance for shorts.  These are price areas to evaluate long and short opportunities.  Since the areas overlap within the DTG levels, I’ve divided the levels into two charts.  The chart with red levels are potential shorting areas and the chart with the green levels are potential long areas.  The overlap of the two areas create the entire DTG level.  Comments on the worksheet can now focus on specifics for DTG levels without using space to designate the long and short areas.  Since the ES spent the day trending down, the only DTG short area that came into play was the 18.25 short level.  All but the top DTG long level came into play as the ES reached them.

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