Sep 242013

Unlike a lottery or sweepstakes, in discretionary trading, you must be present to win.  This morning was like any other morning.  After I updated my trading plan and did my morning chat prep work, I headed out to exercise which this morning was about a 4 mile walk in the drizzling rain.  I carry with me a garage door opener FOB which is lighter and easier to carry than a key.  Upon returning home, the garage door would not open no matter how many times I pressed the button.  I thought the FOB battery must be dead and saw that it was a standard CR2032 watch battery which I should be able to find in any grocery store.  My neighbor across the street was loading her 3 year old in the car, so I flagged her down in hope she had a battery.  She didn’t have one but offered to take me to Publix after dropping her son at school.  So off we went.  A school and two stores later, I obtained a new battery and found myself back home to attempt another garage door opening.  Nope, didn’t work.  The neighbor offered use of her computer until my wife could come home and let me in.  Luckily I can access my trading computers from anywhere in the world with an internet connected computer, including from my smartphone.  However by the time I was settled in the neighbor’s living room on her computer, it was nearly 10am EDT.  I still had to read RG’s posted DTG sheet and update my charts with the levels.  By this time I had missed a series of 4 short order flow opportunities.  My preference is to get trades early in the US session since the high or low of the day is put in by 10:30am EDT on most days.  But I wasn’t present this morning, so I couldn’t capitalize…



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