Jun 152010

Pretty quiet today. Lots of grinding activity as expected due to the lack of any real market moving news. The key trade off the open of course was the OH. As I mentioned pre-market you needed to realize that the OH from yesterday and the R1 today would try to pull price up and as such the OH wouldn’t hold. Hopefully nobody got sucked in to trading what looked like a Mousetrap setting up around the 95 handle right off the open. The best trade that had good exhaustion activity and lots of buying into the highs and then a subsequent failure was the third test of the then new high just under the 97 handle which is the R1. Pretty easy really. The longer term trade management model we run didn’t bear much more fruit though we felt good about deciding to try to follow order flow on the lows down to just above the pivot ahead of the LVN there. It fell short and only produced the same 2 handles the shorter term version did. Anyway, nice little trade & I hope you guys all saw that one…

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  1. Hello RG,

    I labeled that little print on my footprint this morning. Missed the big lot though. Next step is to take the trade.


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