Jun 162010

Not much to report today guys and girls. No trade for us. Lots of spots where if you follow the mechanical portion of what we do to time entries, but nothing that interested us in the least. The main reason for that is that all the moves to key levels either set up before we really tested the mid to far side of the range. That happened at the OH level, the 11.50 level and the 13 handle. Then by the time we did get a subsequent test of each it moved through so far to be worrisome that it might want to test the next level on the next push and/or we were in the middle of nowhere. I can only speak up until the push into 13 or so as beyond that I wasn’t watching at all. Maybe there was some stuff later, but as you all know we only trade the first hour generally anyway. I only kept up with the early afternoon stuff as I happened to be around the office working on other stuff. Pretty boring day. It was a agonizing grind this morning that is for sure. Patience is a virtue they say but I just look at no trade days like playing cards. Save the bet until I know I’m heavily favored to win the hand. There were spots that could be played, but none that gave me the kind of confidence in the edge that I like. I can’t lose what I don’t put in the middle…

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