Jul 292010

Sorry for such a late post.  RG and I had a meeting this morning that consumed much of the day.  Today’s trade came rather early in the session.  The ES had moved into the lower part of our 09.75 / 12 level pre-market and continued to trend up through the market open.  The 12 outside edge  held on a push up after the market opened before rotating down and pushing up to 13 providing a good shorting opportunity.  I marked up a 4 PnF chart below because I think the opportunity is a little easier to see (although the 6 PnF and other timeframe charts also work).

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  2 Responses to “7/29/2010 Post Trading Analysis”

  1. DTG
    Did someone mention 89.00 as major support? Ahhh what is a tick between friends!
    Very nice.

  2. Well, you know… we can’t get them all exactly right… 🙂 That area turned out to have some of the best trade opportunities of the day. Hope you were able to capitalize on it.

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