Mar 312010

Big volatility off news this morning. The Chi-Town PMI broke early – what else is new? But at least we got great moves to key levels. I must apologize as I had a trade on my radar that somehow didn’t make the sheet. I mentioned in the pre-market commentary about not wanting to sell under the OL. If you recall I felt since it was tested once pre-market we might. But I failed to say I would fade the level and it was a key trade for the day. I guess I just took for granted that what I said was all inclusive. I meant to say that I WILL be looking to fade it, just not until it tested 62 and order flow turned around which was precisely what I traded. I bought 61.75 and traded back into 63.50 for 7 ticks profit. I didn’t snap a chart image of it specifically, but I also traded the other key move on the sheet which was to buy 67 back into balance at 68.50 for another 6. Nice 13 tick day. Please note that today I marked up the entry chart for a friend showing the first trade and how we read order flow for failure and trapped traders. This is just something extra to study and digest today. Eventually we will try to do a webinar on order flow reading specifically. Stay tuned.

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  1. This is highly informative!! What timeframe are you looking at here?

    • The chart shown is a 6 tick point and figure chart. Some charting packages call them reversal bars.

  2. Brad I would also advise you to carefully read the page titled: “What charts we trade with” for a primer on timeframe and letting go of time in your trading. We have some webinars coming that will discuss that in detail as well. Stay tuned…

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