Apr 212010

By request I have annotated some images of the MarketDelta Plus charts we use each day to trade the ES. Other than a few market internals, real time news from Bloomberg, and a few other correlated markets and sectors this is all we use. The 1440M footprint and daily composite profiles are only used to help gauge sentiment and understand what institutional and/or postion traders have done or might do. The real nuts and bolts of our trading is limited to the split profiles chart and the 6PF entry chart. We identify potential trades and plan our session from the former and use the later to time entries (or not enter at all because we don’t like what we see) by watching order flow. After the first webinar on 4/27, we will be doing two more webinars for MarketDelta over the following two weeks. The first will be devoted to how we identify trades in large part by using the split session profile chart here. And the final one will be on how we read order flow in real time using the 6PF entry footprint chart. In the meantime, you might want to take a look at how we are set up if you are a MarketDelta user and/or import the chart definitions from charthub.com if you like. Here are the direct links to import the charts followed by the annotated chart image files. Enjoy…





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  1. Annotated images not posted yet. Having technical difficulties and they will be posted soon. Keep in mind the chart definition links are JUST for importing and the image on charthub is NOT the annotated one. The annotated images are uploaded locally and will be here soon.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the chart definitions…however, when I click on the charthub link and go to the charthub website, there is no chart image or chart definition file to download.


    • Sorry, the links got corrupted. They will be replaced tomorrow. Check back around mid day and they will be up.

  3. Chart definition links working now. Sorry for the delay.

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