Aug 132013


On deck this morning was Retail Sales, Import/Export prices, and Business Inventories.  Retail Sales came in a little mixed, but basically in line with expectations.  Import/Export prices and Business inventories missed their expectations which provided a negative tone for the markets which spent the first hour after the cash open tumbling down.  I kept waiting for an opportunity to unfold in the DTG 86.25 level, but the bears were too strong and no order flow opportunities unfolded.  We became aware of a bomb scare in Oslo as the ES fell into the DTG 80.25 level bottom and started to move through.  My chat posted low frame was 80.50, so I was looking for the area to hold the low of the day.  The ES unfolded nicely with two long order flow opportunities to catch a potential ride all the way back to the high of the day.

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