Aug 142013


It was just one of those mornings…  I was late getting back to my screens where I found the DTG members could not access the morning’s worksheet… our web server was down.  Our web server is on a shared server which was under a DDOS attack for unknown reasons.  Anyways, it had me scrambling to find out what was wrong, make the daily levels available, and situate myself for trading.  Luckily the ES went into a 4 point consolidation mode for the first half hour before breaking down towards and through the DTG 85.25 level.  After a bounce in front of the DTG 83.50 level, the ES double bottomed and a weak long order flow opportunity unfolded.  Given the tempo of the day, it was possible that the ES was putting in a bottom.  The ES consolidated for the next several hours while slowly edging upward.  Price did move far enough for small targets, but eventually the bulls gave up and the ES dropped to new lows into the DTG 83.50 level.  Another long opportunity unfolded and the results were similar; it was good for small targets but not much more.  Not a great trading day…  The first opportunity is today’s example trade.  

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